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Ductless Mini Split Installer In The Woodlands, TX

Ductless Air ConditioningFor many homeowners out there, it isn't uncommon to find that one or more parts of your home don't receive the same kind of heating or cooling efficiency that you receive in other areas, which can be particularly frustrating in the case of a bedroom or other area of the home where comfort is a top priority. In these kinds of situations, ductless mini split systems can be an excellent go-to option to provide your home with the spot heating or cooling that you need for certain areas, and here at Doyleth Air Conditioning & Heating, our team of professional installers are just the team to help. Are you looking for a professional ductless mini split installer in The Woodlands area? If so, give our team of professionals call today and let us help you take your home's comfort to the next level.

If you have any areas of your home that aren't directly connected to your home's central air system, whether they are built-on additions, garages, or whatever the case may be, or you just have any rooms around the house that don't seem to get the same level of efficiency from your central air system when it comes to heating and cooling, a ductless mini split system might be just the option you've been looking for. A ductless mini split system can be installed with a single indoor unit and a single outdoor unit, and can be located just about anywhere in your home to help you improve the comfort of spaces that your central system just can't reach. If you have any questions about our ductless mini split installation services, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for consultation, give us a call today. Our team of experts are standing by and would be more than happy to assist you.

Single Zone Systems

A ductless mini split system can help you create a single zone system in your home that can help to enhance the overall comfort, as well as energy efficiency in your home. This system generally consists of a high efficiency, high performance heat pump with a basepan heater and a DLCA/DLFA High Wall System. Some of the benefits of this particular system setup include:

  • Savings on monthly utility bills with an Energy Star certified system that has up to 38 SEER cooling and up to 15 HSPF heating.
  • Enhanced versatility and customized comfort control with fixed or oscillating airflow. Seven fan speeds, along with a temperature sensing hand-held remote with Follow Me function gives you complete control over the level of comfort your single zone system provides.
  • Quiet operation as low as 26 dB(A).
  • Our variable speed, inverted compressor performs within a wide range of operating temperatures for effective and efficient comfort in nearly every climate.
  • With wireless remote operation for your indoor unit, controlling the level of comfort in your home has never been more convenient.
  • Multi-Zone expansion ability. One outdoor compressor can power up to five indoor compressors, letting you create a multi-zone system in your home if you feel the need to expand your system at a later date.

If you are looking for a ductless mini split system installer in The Woodlands, TX, please call Doyleth Air Conditioning & Heating at 832-771-6000 or complete our online request form.

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