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4 Easy Steps To Prepare Your A/C System For Summer

air conditioning repairs houston txWith winter on its way out, and spring on our doorstep, the time is now to start ensuring that your home's air conditioning system is ready for the upcoming summer heat. With the milder parts of the year starting to fall behind us, the time is quickly approaching when you are going to starting seeing your energy bills start climbing again as your air conditioning system gets put into more and more frequent use. However, while you should expect your energy bills to increase a bit, it is absolutely essential that you make sure you home's A/C system has the care it needs to operate at its most efficient as it gradually gets put back into use over the next month or so. When your air conditioning system is running efficiently, it can cut as much as 20% off of your monthly energy costs, while a poorly maintained system can work to drastically increase your bills by a similar amount. To help you ensure that your system is ready for the upcoming summer, we have put together a short list of four important steps you can take to have it in peak condition when the time arrives.

Clean Or Change Your Filter

Some A/C models come with disposable filters while others have filters that can be cleaned off with water. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you clean out this part of your system on a regular basis. Dirty or dusty filters can cause your air conditioning system to work much harder than it needs to to adequately provide your home with the cool air you demand. In addition to increased energy bills, this can also shorten the lifespan of your system over time and increase the frequency at which you need repairs for your system.

Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean

The outdoor unit for your home's air conditioning system, or the condenser, always needs to be kept free of anything that could block the equipment. This includes yard debris, plant growth, and even grass clippings. Any of these can clog and damage your unit, making it run less efficiently and potentially causing damages to the unit. You can use a clean cloth or brush to gently clean the coil and fins, but make sure you don't use too much or you could bend the fins. Alternatively, you could hire a professional to come out and take care of this as part of a routine maintenance service.

Clean The Indoor Ductwork

Because the majority of your A/C system's ductwork is hidden in your ceilings and walls, it is recommended that you hire a professional to come out and perform the work. Due to condensation, your air ducts can accumulate moisture, as well as deposits of dust and dirt that cycles through your system on a regular basis. This can lead to mold or mildew growth inside your ducts, as well as presenting the danger of water damage to your unit as a whole. If there is any kind of damage to your ducts or your A/C unit, call in a professional immediately as attempting to do it yourself could easily result in more damage.

Schedule A Pre-Summer Tune Up From A Professional

It is always a good idea to call in a professional for an in depth tune up before a major seasonal change. Aside from having extensive experience with this type of work, and the right tools to make sure the job is done, a professional will be able to help you unclog, fix, or upgrade your system in order to keep it running at its most efficient level. The cost of a seasonal tune up is minimal compared to the cost of having to invest in emergency repairs if something breaks down in the middle of summer.

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